​​Our API Is a Business Blueprint, Making Retailers & Developers Lives Easier.

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Intuitivo provides the technology and infrastructure to scale up your business to thousands of A-POPs around the world, including easy-to-implement APIs for any feature you may need.

Access below the documentation with examples to integrate clear-cut solutions.
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Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure
Large volumes of data on-demand, fault tolerance and autoscaling.
Security Standards Compliance
Black box test conducted every 2 months.
Service Level Agreement
A guaranteed 99% response SLA for all services and products.

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Partners' Stories

Hyun Kim

CEO and co-founder Superb AI
We're proud to partner with Intuitivo. They are on the cutting edge of retail automation and AI and have one of the best teams in the industry. We're excited to support continous growth and success.

Mahou San Miguel & Intuitivo

Spain's brewing giant, Mahou San Miguel, teams up with Intuitivo to tap into the unattended retail market, streamlining consumer access and enriching market intelligence.
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Game Time, Uninterrupted: Upgrading Venue Retail with A-POPs

Across the United States, premier sports venues are adopting Intuitivo’s Autonomous Points of Purchase (A-POPs) to dramatically enhance the retail experience in high-traffic environments.
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Zero-Theft Achievement with AI

Partnering with Intuitivo, Canteen significantly reduces shrinkage by implementing cutting-edge AI solutions, setting a new standard in the food service industry.
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Food Service >

A leading global food service company is transforming its operations with innovative autonomous retail solutions, significantly expanding its product offerings.
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Revolutionizing Retail at YPF >

YPF, a leading Argentine energy company, is pioneering the future of gas station retail by integrating Intuitivo's A-POPs with the YPF app to enhance the customer experience.
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Grido Ice Cream Manufacturer >

Grido, the 4th global Ice Cream manufacturer and franchisor, signed a strategic partnership with Intuitivo to install Autonomous Points of Purchase at residential building apartments to expand its business.
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Americanas Retail Store Brazil >

Americanas, one of the main retailers in Brazil, has choosen Intuitivo as a strategic partner. The innovative A-POPs take the shopping experience to a new level.
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We like to think of our IoT as embedded AI. Our proprietary hardware can be easily integrated to any production line of cooler manufacturers. A system with cameras that continuously work at 60FPS and can send video to the cloud without losing quality. Light hardware, intuitive software.

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The stability of our infrastructure is at the service of your business channel. For this reason, at Intuitivo we have a total transparency commitment regarding the operative status of all our systems. On our Status Page your IT engineers can find real time reports on our systems performance.