The Insight Board

Harness the power of intelligent retail to grow your business
All your business operation information is consolidated in one single dashboard. This tool allows you to access information about your customers, manage stock, monitor real-time performance of all your A-POPs and assign user roles with custom view settings.
Get to know the performance of your products in real time.
One place to manage every aspect of your business.
Store all client information and create customized actions.
Create new user roles and share the information

The goal is simple

Manage your A-POP business from one unique and intuitive board


Create and apply new planograms autonomously and immediately. It is as simple as “drag and drop”.

Stock Management

Monitor stock inventory across your whole operation, check your stock value and total units distributed, and get low stock alerts for each of the A-POPs you manage.
You can integrate your current stock system with our Insight Board using Intuitivo's API.

Role-Based Access Control

Manage your users, assign them specific roles and establish custom view settings to limit their access to your operation's data.

Uptime &
Real-Time Data

Control the performance of all your A-POPs in real-time and receive automatic alerts.


All your business information in one place. Identify the best-performing A-POPs and planograms as well as your best-selling products.


The Insight Board shows you the percentage of first-time customers, get data on your customers purchase frequency and create engaging marketing campaigns.

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