Intuitive Inventory

Enable real-time communications between your operation’s team and the cloud.
Our Intuitive Inventory is a simple, fast and secure app to facilitate the restocking process. It is also an easy way for your operations staff to meet your planogram requirements and even report on-site problems.
Stock Management
Monitor in real time the stock levels of each of your A-POPs as well as the exact number of units available per item.
Clear Communication
You will receive alerts and notifications every time an A-POP is restocked or when the stock levels at any given A-POP are low. 
In three simple steps, operators can refill and add the products indicated in the planogram.
Incident Management
Your operations staff can easily report any restocking or other problems as well as include comments about an A-POP or point of sales for the operations team to take action.

Easy To Use

Our Intuitive Inventory helps operations staff maximize efficiency. It provides them with a full view of the units per item to refill at each       A-POP, and immediately submit stock updates to the cloud. Forget about the paperwork, stick to the interface.

Restock With
Off-Planogram SKUs

If an operations staff member does not have the SKU listed in the planogram, they can restock with another SKU from the catalog. We will immediately notify you of the change through the Insight Dashboard.

Offline Use Capability

The Intuitive Inventory app can be used without an internet connection. When back online, it will automatically synchronize the data.


Your operations staff's time is costly. The Intuitive Inventory app allows your staff to report any A-POP anomaly. All reports appear on the Insight Board so you can deal with the problems in a timely manner and avoid any future roadblocks.

We guarantee the traceability, transparency and efficiency of all restocking operations by recording them. This material can be easily reviewed if needed.


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