Second Skin Wallet

Always on Hand
Our digital wallet delivers a perfect shopping experience with an agile and intuitive end-user interface throughout the whole process. This mobile app also gives you the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with your customers.
Simple Shopping Experience
Your customers can buy your products in 3 simple steps.
Fast and
When your customers scan the QR code, the price list loads in less than 100 milliseconds.
Smooth Integration
We are integrated with all main payment methods to ensure an easy and reliable experience for your customers.
Measure and Personalize
Track your sales, best-selling products, and promotions. Provide your customers with a tailored shopping experience based on their preferences.

Frictionless and Seamless

Our Second Skin Wallet allows customers to grab & go with their favorite products in record time.


Create exclusive and personalized promotions for your customers. You can start rewarding them from their first scan!

Payment Methods

Your customers can add any debit or credit card. Or we can integrate your preferred payment gateway.

Identity Verification

Yes, we can verify the age of the customer before they purchase.

Instant Gratification

Just unlock the door using your phone and grab your favorite products.

Book a visit!

Let's create a frictionless and personalized shopping experience around the world.
More Products

Second Sight AI

Our A-POPs use the power of Intuitivo's Computer Vision Pipeline to quickly process purchases from the real world. No sensors, or costly and high-maintenance hardware, are required. All you need is a few small cameras and a clear view. 

Insight Board

All the information from your business operation is consolidated in one single dashboard. This tool allows you to access information about your customers, manage stock, monitor real-time performance of all your A-POPs and assign roles with custom view settings.